Live Long and Prosper with Thrive Life - Doris Rush-Lopez - Independent Food Consultant

Thrive Life Makes Healthy, Portable, Easy Baby Food

Thrive Life fruits and veggies make the best baby food! Here’s why:

  • It is all natural, fresh produce! Not cooked, not processed with artificial preservatives, colorants or even sugar or salt, and has the best flavor and nutrition. The fruits and veggies are picked at the peak of ripeness, so they contain all the nutrients and have a better flavor than those picked way before ripeness to get them shipped to stores before they will rot, and then artificially ripened using chemicals and gases.

  • You can save money! A Family size can of Thrive Green Peas makes 21 servings, and Wholesale price is $21.09. That’s $1 per serving, better than fresh*, when you need it!

  • So easy to prepare! Just powder up the fruits or veggies in a blender or food processor in seconds. (Or even a coffee grinder that was never used for coffee beans, I have a tiny one that grinds about 1/2 cup at a time). Add water and voila! Instant baby food.

  • No need to carry those heavy jars or tubs! Thrive Life foods are very light in weight, so you can carry it anywhere easily! Powder it up ahead of time and keep in a snack size zip lock bag or small container, just add water, mix and feed the hungry baby.

  • Won’t go bad! Thrive Life keeps for up to 25 years in unopened cans, and lasts about a year or more even after the can is opened.


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