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Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food is Better Than Fresh!

Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food is Better Than Fresh!

Did you know that “fresh” produce in your grocery store isn’t really “fresh”?

Webster’s Dictionary defines “fresh” as “… Lately produced, gathered, or prepared for market…”  This connotates great flavor and nutrition, but that is as far from the truth as can be for what is sold as fresh produce in most grocery stores!

It takes from days to weeks to get produce to grocery stores! And even here in the Garden State of New Jersey where I live, I have found that in the summer, lots of roadside “farm markets” are importing produce from other states and even countries! And if it takes days to weeks, how can it be picked ripe, packaged and shipped and still be truly “fresh”?

One example is strawberries. They won’t ripen after they are picked, and only last a few days after being picked before they rot and/or mold, even refrigerated. So if they are grown in Georgia or Florida (2 of the closest Southern States known for growing strawberries in our off season, which is only about 2 weeks in May here in NJ), and it takes who knows how long to wash and package them, then another day to truck them to NJ, how can they really be “fresh”? If you have bought strawberries that are white or green inside, they were NOT picked ripe! And they were NOT red outside when picked either! They were injected with food coloring to make them look more palatable!

The first issue is flavor. Did you ever taste a strawberry ripe right off the vine? It was sweet, right? How about those red outside, white inside strawberries? Did they ever taste sweet? I think not…

The other issue is nutrition. The point of highest nutrition of fruits and veggies is when they are at the peak of ripeness. Before that point they don’t have all the nutrition, and after that time, nutrition degrades. Thrive Life produce is picked right at that peak of ripeness point, then flash-frozen, which locks in all that flavor and nutrition!

Well there you have it! Thrive Life Freeze Dried Food is Better than “Fresh”!

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