Live Long and Prosper with Thrive Life - Doris Rush-Lopez - Independent Food Consultant

Learn How You Get Paid to Eat

Thrive Life food:

Is HealthyIs TastyIs ConvenientSaves TimeSaves $Helps families Prosper!

Ways to live long and prosper with Thrive Life:

Best option: Be a Consultant! You only need to

buy a Consultant Starter Kit (they start at $135)

and a minimum $50 Delivery order each month.

And you will get all the perks of both Preferred

Customers and Fans, and then some!

Great option: Be a Fan! Host a tasting, either physical or online, you earn Delivery Service perks, plus these perks!

Good option: Delivery Service! All you need is to start your Delivery service. That’s it! Then you get all the Delivery Service perks!

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