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My Story

In August of 2016, a friend from church, who was always giving classes on preparedness, invited me to a “Thrive tasting” at her home. I thought it was for one of her classes, which are usually in the church building, and thought it was strange that it wasn’t. I had never heard of Thrive before seeing that invite. I had not attended one of her classes in a long time, so I decided to go.

Wendi put so much good stuff on the table, and explained all about the company, and was so excited, (she had just returned from the annual convention)! I was so impressed with the food and the story that I signed up for a $200 per month “Q”, as the Delivery service was known then. I did this for several months, and wanted to sign up as a Consultant, but didn’t think I would have enough time to work a business, as I was working a full time job, had church and home responsiblities, and was also going through renovations at home.

In February 2017, I had another meeting with Wendi, who explained the sign up and career plan, and I got really excited, so I signed up online within a week!  I didn’t realize how helpful the Fast Track plan was, so I didn’t do much in the following months, but I did read up on the convention, and realized I needed to attend this year! Which I did!  I spent way too much $$$ there and shortly thereafter on the new products, but I am not sorry! I have tried almost all of the Simple Plate meals, and even did videos with my 10 year old granddaughter cooking the food by herself. You can see them on my FB group.

Now my 4 year old granddaughter is always talking about Simple Plate, as she helped her cousing with the 3rd video making them! She also did a little spot about Thrive Raspberries, which is on my YouTube channel.  You can watch the mini commercial here.

Thanks for reading! and I hope you will join me in Living Long and Prospering with Thrive Life!