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Doris Rush-Lopez - Your Independent Food Consultant for Thrive Life. Thrive Life will save you time and $ while creating healthy, quick and easy meals. Watch this short video to see what Thrive Life is all about!

Did you know that the average American throws out a quarter of the food they buy?

How I started with Thrive Life

In August of 2016, a friend from church, who was always giving classes on preparedness, invited me to a "Thrive tasting" at her home. I thought it was for one of her classes. I had never heard of Thrive before seeing that invite. I had not attended one of her classes in a long time, so I decided to go. Wendi put so much good stuff on the table, and explained all about the company, and was so excited, (she had just returned from the annual convention)! I was so impressed with the food and the story that I signed up for a $200 per month Delivery service. I did this for several months, and wanted to sign up as a Consultant, but didn't think I would have enough time. But in February 2017, I had another meeting with Wendi, who explained the sign up and career plan, and I got really excited, so I signed up online within a week!

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