Thrive Life Makes Healthy, Portable, Easy Baby Food

Thrive Life fruits and veggies make the best baby food! Here’s why:

  • It is all natural, fresh produce! Not cooked, not processed with artificial preservatives, colorants or even sugar or salt, and has the best flavor and nutrition. The fruits and veggies are picked at the peak of ripeness, so they contain all the nutrients and have a better flavor than those picked way before ripeness to get them shipped to stores before they will rot, and then artificially ripened using chemicals and gases.

  • You can save money! A Family size can of Thrive Green Peas makes 21 servings, and Wholesale price is $21.09. That’s $1 per serving, better than fresh*, when you need it!

  • So easy to prepare! Just powder up the fruits or veggies in a blender or food processor in seconds. (Or even a coffee grinder that was never used for coffee beans, I have a tiny one that grinds about 1/2 cup at a time). Add water and voila! Instant baby food.

  • No need to carry those heavy jars or tubs! Thrive Life foods are very light in weight, so you can carry it anywhere easily! Powder it up ahead of time and keep in a snack size zip lock bag or small container, just add water, mix and feed the hungry baby.

  • Won’t go bad! Thrive Life keeps for up to 25 years in unopened cans, and lasts about a year or more even after the can is opened.


Find out why Thrive Freeze Dried Food is Better than Fresh

Best Chicken Salad Ever! Recipe picture showing dry and prepared salad in 4 oz canning jars.

Best Chicken Salad Ever! Meal in a Jar


1/4 cup Thrive Chopped Chicken

1 T. Thrive Chopped Onions (FD) (not dehydrated version, they won’t refresh as fast)

1 T. Thrive Chopped Celery

1 T. Thrive Sweetened Cranberries or you can skip this or substitute Thrive Red Seedless Grapes (I like the sweet/tangy contrast!)

1 t. or 1 personal packet of mayonnaise (you can use any mayo, but Olive oil variety is good for Keto or Paleo diets!)

1 t. or 1 personal packet of Dijon Mustard (you can sub the mustard, but Dijon gives it the best flavor IMHO!)

Pinch of Thrive Chef’s Choice Seasoning

Pinch of Thrive Peppercorn Seasoning



Put the ingredients in 4 oz canning jar, shake gently to mix, then put the condiment packets down the side or on top.

When ready to eat, remove the packets, add their contents to the jar with 1/4 cup water, shake well, then let rest for 5-10 minutes in fridge or ice bucket. It may seem too watery at first, but that will thicken up during the rest time.

Voilà! Instant lunch!

It’s even better if you mix it first thing in the morning and let sit in fridge until lunch time!


Original recipe by Chef Todd Leonard

Social Seller kit Gluten Free as of February 2018

Social Seller Consultant Starter Kit Gluten Free

Social Seller – Free of Gluten Kit


This kit is for those who are looking for some additional income without a large time commitment. The Social Seller kit provides all the supplies needed to get started, including our best selling foods for customers to sample.


Classic Southwest-Style Chicken Quinoa (x2)
Classic Thai-Style Coconut Beef with Rice Noodles (x2)


Chopped Onions (FD)
Chopped Chicken (FD)


Strawberries (FD)
Pineapple (FD)
Coconut Bites (FD)
Sweet Corn (FD)
Cranberry Crunch


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Don’t forget, you get Fan perks on the amount of your starter kit, including the Double Dip!

Social Seller Consultant Kit Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Social Seller Consultant Starter Kit Vegetarian Gluten Free Dairy Free


Free of Gluten & Dairy


This kit is for those who are looking for some additional income without a large time commitment. The Vegetarian kit provides all the same supplies as the Social Seller kit, including best selling foods that are free of gluten and dairy.


Chopped Onions (FD)
Mushroom Pieces (FD)
Celery (FD)
Sweet Corn (FD)
Broccoli (FD)
Blueberries (FD)
Strawberry Slices (FD)
Pineapple (FD)
Peach Slices (FD)
Fuji Apples (FD)


First Things First Flyer
Join Us Brochure
Simple Solutions Flyer
Thrive Guide
Order/Application Form
Thrive Refresh Tips Fridge Magnet
A Tale of 2 Bananas Flyer
Thrive Life Product Catalog

Thrive foods and white dishes

Diabetic Information for Thrive Life Foods

Did you know that almost all of our food ingredients have no added sugar! Our labels show all nutrition information, which makes it easy to tell if it will fit in with your diet, just like foods in any other grocery stores.

(A couple of foods that do have added sugar are the Sweetened Cranberries, and the Yogurt and Coconut Bites Snackies.)

Here are some testimonials of actual consumers of Thrive Life foods:

I’m a diabetic and when I cook with Thrive, my fasting sugars are always lower! I also was able to drop my a1c from 8.2 to 6.9 in a three month period by incorporating the foods not only in meals but also as snacks. I get the crunch and sweetness I crave from fruits and veggies instead of chips. They are easy to take in any amount I need to get through the day. I love making different combinations even mixing the fruits and veggies. The beet, carrot, and spinach crisps are so awesome as well!! The yogurt bites are also a favorite.”  -DWG

“Very diabetic friendly! All the foods are actually measureable (1 cup of apples vs. approximately a cup). My ex was diabetic. I would premeasure fruits & veggies then label the containers with the grams of carbs & protein.”  -AE

” My husband is diabetic. Has been for about 20 years… The most important thing to remember is, it is food. Pineapple is still pineapple! If they need to limit it fresh, it won’t be different with Thrive. More convenient but nothing changes. My husband loves the corn but he can’t have all he wants. Peas, potatoes, and some of the fruits spike his blood sugar. He loves the berries as they are low glycemic and fresh isn’t always available. The express meals are limited but they are great with a salad. He just can’t eat as much as he wants without looking at the calories, carbs and fat content.” -LD

” I speak as a diabetic and my A1C has come down to 6.4. (From 11, in 3 months). Quinoa is a much better choice than pasta. But if yo sub in Dreamfields pasta to the pasta dishes, you will get much better glycemic response. No difference in taste but they use an ingredient from white kidney beans that somehow binds the starch molecules. They used to put it on the box that it is 8 net effective carbs, compared to 40 in other pastas. They quit putting it in there because not every person is the same. So you need to check BG a couple hours after eating it to see how it affects your blood sugar. Even with Dreamfields and quinoa, though, a person with diabetes has to still be responsible with their carb intake and accept their limitations. I can eat one reasonable serving of the quinoa dishes but not pile up my plate, as I was prone to doing before diabetes. How Thrive has really saved me is that I choose some of the products I might not otherwise consider for snacking. For instance, I like the dry cauliflower very much as an evening snack, rather than chips or popcorn. Also the butternut squash is a great snack negligible carbs on both. I can eat a cup of any of the fruits for approx 50 calories. The freeze drying process makes them have that same yummy crunch as chips, but not the same greasy carbs. Its a process figuring it out, but worth it. I’ve even lost a few pounds.” -DH



Quinoa, Great for Diabetics!

Did you know Quinoa is said to be not only diabetic-friendly, but beneficial for diabetics?          Here is an article that explains how! 

Some excerpts  from the article:

“When compared to many other grains, quinoa has more:

  • protein
  • antioxidants
  • minerals
  • fiber

It’s also gluten-free. This makes it a healthy alternative for people who are sensitive to glutens found in wheat.”

“Because of its high fiber and protein content, quinoa makes you feel full for longer.”

“Healthy meal plans for people with diabetes often focus on choosing foods rated at medium to low on the glycemic index. Quinoa is on the low end, meaning it won’t cause a spike in blood sugar.”