Simple Plate: Savory Green Curry with Pulled Pork – GF

Get restaurant-style curry that will have you coming back for seconds! Sweet with just a touch of spice, this light green sauce over tender pulled pork, veggies, and fluffy brown rice is the perfect last minute meal. Serving Time: 15 min. Allergens: Milk, Coconut Special Diets: Gluten-Free

New food: Chicken and Dumplings Simple Plate

Who knew you could make homemade dumplings? Give it a whirl while enjoying this creamy mix of grilled chicken, veggies, and parsley with every spoonful. It’s a restaurant-worthy soup made by yours truly. Serving Time: 20 min. Allergens: Wheat, Milk Nutrition Per Serving: 190 Calories, Fats 8g, Protein 8g, Sodium 780mg  

New Simple Plate! Veggie Infused Pizza

Veggie Infused Pizza Turn pizza night into veggie night with our Veggie Infused Pizza Simple Plate! Get thick slices of cheesy pizza loaded with savory veggies and a homemade red sauce! Oh, and that fluffy crust? We put veggies in there, too. The kids are eating vegetarian tonight!   SERVING …