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Live Long and Prosper with Thrive Life - Doris Rush-Lopez - Independent Food Consultant
Live Long and Prosper ... with Thrive Life!

What is Thrive Life?

What is Thrive Life? How do I get paid to eat? The best way is to become a consultant!  We consultants help others to live long and prosper with Thrive Life! We earn commissions, free...
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Thrive Life Corporate

Black Friday 2019

If you have never tried Thrive Life foods before, this Black Friday Sale is your chance! The most popular items go out of stock fast!...
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What are Tastings?

You may ask, what happens at a Tasting? I am glad you asked! This is where the magic happens: you get to taste our extraordinary...
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Ways to Thrive

There are 6 ways to enjoy Thrive Life food:  Snack on it right out of the can, or make a "trail mix". Create your own...
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Best option!

Thrive Life Consultants get all the perks of Customers, PLUS: Work to build your business around YOUR schedule! Very low start-up cost: Consultant kits start...
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Simple Plate

Update: as of August 1, 2019, there are now 23 varieties of Simple Plate available! There is usually at least 1 new one released each...
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Our Charity

We believe in giving back from our prosperity! Thrive Life has its own charity, and our Officers and Consultants participate in projects to help some...
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